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Topsoil Prices – Basic Insights

Topsoil can certainly prove to be a helpful and, in some cases, a necessary addition to your yard or garden. Most people are well aware of the importance of adding topsoil but they may have concerns over the costs involved. For those who do have such concerns, understanding the core makeup of topsoil prices is helpful for making a proper budgeting decision.

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Understanding Topsoil

Is there a general figure for the cost of topsoil? In general, the price range of topsoil varies depending upon how you purchase it, where you purchase it, and, of course, how much you purchase. Breaking down these figures provides insight into how much of a budget one needs to fill the square yardage on the property that requires the soil.

Most people will opt to purchase topsoil in cubic yards. Depending upon where you live, the cost may be higher or lower. In one area of the United States, you may find topsoil prices are in the range of $12 – $18 per cubic yard. The delivery charges could bring the price up to $15 – $60. In another area of the country, the prices could range from $20 – $50 and the delivery charges could be in the range of $50 – $200.

For those who only require a small amount of topsoil, small bags can be purchased for $5 or more. It’s unlikely a person would fill a 25 x 25 yard with topsoil from several hundred small bags. Instead, consider the bags to be for small jobs, or to smooth out uneven topsoil or areas where chunks of the soil are missing.

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The amount needed and the cost of delivery are not the only factors in topsoil prices. The composition of the soil also plays a factor in the cost. There simply are certain topsoil compositions which are better than others and those brands which offer purer forms of topsoil will come with a higher price.

Two common categories of topsoil are unscreened and screened (sifted through a screen) topsoil. Unscreened topsoil may have quite a number of different debris fragments in it. Such debris can include small rocks, roots, and bits and pieces of plants. Screened topsoil is properly cleaned so that there are no bits of debris in the soil. Therefore, the purer the soil from debris, the higher the price.

Other factors contribute to topsoil prices, specifically the presence of organic material, since organic material contributes to how well the soil retains water. The organic material ranges from 2% to 10%. Low grade (cheap) topsoil has very little or too much organic components. Neither end of the spectrum is a good thing since both extremes undermine the purpose of the topsoil.

While not the most accurate indicator of exact cost, many sellers will place calculators for topsoil prices on their websites. However, such calculators could prove to be helpful for getting a ballpark figure for topsoil prices.

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