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Topsoil for Reshaping Land

Topsoil is the most important part of the soil in your garden, as it is the top layer of ground that will provide your plants with all the nutrients. What happens if the soil begins to erode as you and your family walk around it, or when heavy rains fall? Using topsoil for reshaping land is important, as it will help maintain the uniform level of your land.

Topsoil and Footprints

If you notice that a certain part of your land or garden is starting to look lower than the rest, that is a sign that erosion is happening faster in that part than in other parts of the property. For example, the paths around your flower beds are probably much more eroded than the beds themselves, as water always tries to find the path of least resistance.

This means that this patch of land that is being eroded will actually become more and more eroded as time passes. Every time rain falls, that patch of land will be just a tiny bit lower once it dries. So what can you do?

Adding topsoil for reshaping land is one of the best preventative methods of soil erosion. Just like you would fill in a hole dug by a gopher, so too you can use topsoil to fill in the holes and dipping patches of land caused by water erosion. All you need to do is pour some more topsoil into the holes, smooth it out, and thus you will have solved the problem, or have you?

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Remember that the eroded land has been worn away by water, but the area around it is all compact. This means that pouring fresh topsoil onto the eroded patch will not solve the problem completely, as the freshly added soil will need to compact as well. If you want to ensure that you avoid erosion as much as possible, add more topsoil than the eroded patch needs, water it, tamp it down, and repeat until you are certain the ground is as compact as possible. Add a bit more soil, and trust that you have reshaped your land and prevented erosion from getting out of control.

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