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Topsoil for Indoor Potted Plants

Indoor potted plants require a different variety of nutrients than regular plants, but some of the products that are sold as potting plant topsoil are often inferior. If you want your potted plants to grow properly and stay healthy, consider making your own topsoil with the right mixture of ingredients that will infuse the plants with all of the nutrients they need to grow indoors.
Indoor Plant

What should you mix to make the best topsoil for indoor potted plants?

Bark is excellent for helping the soil to drain when you water the plants; this prevents root rot from setting in. It also allows excellent aeration, and it stops the soil from compacting around the plant’s roots.

Peat moss is found in most commercial topsoil for indoor potted plants, and the reason for this is that it helps to make the soil light and makes it better at holding water. If you are going to plant indoor plants that like a wet soil, you should definitely add peat moss.

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Vermiculite ensures that air can circulate through the soil mix, but it can also act like a timed release system that stores nutrients and water to be slowly leaked into the soil to keep it rich.

Sand helps water to drain more efficiently, but there are different kinds of sand used. A sandy potting soil mix is great for growing cactus plants, as it dries out fairly quickly.

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Perlite holds lots of air, and this makes it possible for the little white puffs to soak up water and hold onto it to slowly release it into the soil. It also makes it easier for the soil to drain water properly, which is why it is important to add to the topsoil.

So what do all these ingredients do?

They ensure that air can circulate through the soil, which helps to pump fresh oxygen into the plant’s roots. They also hold on to nutrients and water for the soil, which ensures that the plant has enough moisture without becoming too filled with water. Finally, they provide the plant with plenty of support in a firm soil that will keep it growing and stop it from tipping over.

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