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Garden Soil for Vegetable Gardens

If you want to plant a vegetable garden, you would do well to make quality garden soil to ensure that the ground your plants are going into is fertile. How can you make proper garden soil? Quite easily actually.
Vegetable Garden

Steps to make garden soil at home:

Step 1: Add manure to the soil, as it infuses the soil with lots of nitrogen – which plants need to grow healthy. Also, consider adding compost to the soil, as that will infuse it with plenty of nutrients from the decaying organic matter.

Step 2: Churn the soil up, or set chickens free around the ground. Use either of these two methods to mix the organic matter into the ground and get the nutrients deep into the soil.

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Step 3: Use rock powders or mineral powders to correct an imbalance in the minerals in the ground, and allow deep-rooted plants to grow in order to get the nutrients from deep down in the earth.

Step 4: Consider using cover crops to help add nutrients to the soil. Cover crops are grown for the single purpose of killing them and allowing them to decay on top of the soil to infuse the dirt with nutrients.

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Step 5: Use mulch to protect the vegetables you have planted from the sun, to lock moisture into the ground, and to release minerals into the ground as it slowly decays.

Step 6: Plant the vegetables in beds, and make sure to have paths going around the beds to allow easy access to the plants without your needing to step on the plants. This will help to prevent the plants from being tightly compacted together, and will give them plenty of room to grow.

Step 7: Give them plenty of water, sit back, and let your crops grow.

Preparing the beds could require a lot of work, but won’t it be worth it when you see your bumper crop of brand new squashes, carrots, and tomatoes growing big and strong?

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